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Seal Nose

Incorporated into the body of the seal are the sealing surfaces which determine the effectiveness of the seal. All standard seals use high grade nitrile rubber, compounded for a maximum wear resistance and an operating temperature of -30°C ti +100°C. For higher temperatures FPM/Fluoroelastomer is recommended.

Anti-Extrusion and Wear Rings

POM resin is used for the manufacture of both anit-extrusion and wear rings. These are made to very tight tolerances and high quality as they have direct bearing on the performance and life of the seal. Support headers can be produced from either rubber-coated fabrics or polyester based plastic (PE).


Material Specifications

General properties and comparisons are shown here in Figures M-1 and M-2. For information on the physical properties of all materials please contact us.

Figure M-1



Figure M-2


Temperature Range

The standard nitrile material is specified to give optimum performance at working temperatures between -30°C and +100°C. Special compounds capable of operating at much lower and higher temperatures are available. At extremely low temperatures, the hydraulic system should be run to warm-up before fully loading. Click here to view Figure T-2, a chart of temperature ranges for various elastomer materials.

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