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AluminumEPM home of the seal man ALU Aluminum

Also referred to as:
ALU, Aluminum alloy

Silver Metallic (Very shiny when machined)

Temperature limits:
-58 to 1000°F
-50 to 500°C

Temperature note:  when used as a component of an oil seal it is limited to the highest temperature of the rubber used along with the aluminum to make a complete oil seal.

Use in: Crush washers. High temperature spacers and rings. Used for the outer casing and the inner retainer ring on rubber lipped oil seals requiring a metal component to hold the seal in a housing. For seals in gear boxes, power transmission equipment, shaft housings, chemical equipment, vehicle parts and shaft components.


Description: Alloy 6061 Aluminum is an extremely versatile alloy which combines good formability, high corrosion resistance, and medium strength. Yield strength is 40 ksi. Hardness is 95 Brinell. Melting range is 1080° to 1205°F. Can be used as oil seal insert or casing up to 15 PSI. For higher pressure rotary shaft seals, ask your EPM Seal Specialist.


Characteristics: Soft, multi-functional metal. Finished by machining.