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Metal & Heat Exchanger Gasket Applications


Corrugated metal gaskets are designed for high pressure applications over a wide temperature range. The gaskets are simply circular or irregular metal discs that have been deeply corrugated. The seal is formed when the metal flows under compression, but relatively light bolting forces are required. While basically for smooth-faced flanges, the corrugated metal gasket is available with variations that will provide a safe seal with rough or damaged flanges. Corrugated metal gaskets are frequently used in sealing steam, water, gas, oil, chemicals and in similar applications to 1000 psi. Carious metals and corrugation pitches are available.



Solid metal gaskets whether flat or machined, are designed to offer superior mechanical strength, heat conductivity, and good resistance to chemical attack, high pressures and high temperatures. Solid metal gaskets are innately less resilient than other types and are designed for applications where flanges are smooth and adequate bolting can be applied to cause the metal to flow. Solid metal gaskets are particularly suited for cylinders, ammonia fittings, heavy presses, and other narrow-faced applications. Profile gaskets are recommended when bolt loads are limited. Available in a variety of metals and configurations with virtually no limit in diameters.



Ideal for applications which require a wider gasket.



Flat metal gaskets can be used where flange faces are smooth and bolt load is sufficient. Thickness 0.18″ to 0.25″. No size limitation, though ordinarily used in smaller sizes and lower pressures.



Single-jacketed gaskets are designed for applications in which moderate pressures and temperatures are encountered. The gaskets are constructed of a soft, hear resistant filler material partially enclosed in a simple, sturdy metal jacket. The seal is formed when the metal jacket flows under compression. The filler material, which gives the gasket its resilience, also compensates for flange imperfections. Single-jacketed gaskets are particularly suited for narrow-faced flanges where only light bolting can be applied. Various metals and fillers are available.



Double-jacketed gaskets are designed for high pressure/high temperature applications. The gasket is constructed of a soft, heat-resistant filler material completely enclosed in a two-piece metal jacket. The filler gives the gasket the resillence required for proper sealing, while the metal jacket protects the filler and resists pressures, temperatures, and corrosion. Double-jacketed gaskets are particularly suited for applications like heat exchangers and boilers when ample bolting can be applied. Various metals and fillers are available.

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