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Without taking account of profile and dimensions, past experience shows that when dynamic cylinder seals consist solely of elastomers, they have serious limitations for operation in severe condtions. If subject to high pressures, such seals suffer sudden damage due to extrusion and localised wear, as indicated in figure 5. Extrusion may be limited by reducing the extrusion gap between metal parts, but this is often contrary to economic and functional factors.



Figure 5

Figure 6
Seal for use at medium and high pressures are manufactured from reinforcements made from special fabric materials which prevent extrusion and wear. (Figure 6)

When the seals have to operate in the presence of very high pressures, or with play between the metal parts exceeding the recommended values, extrusion of the reinforced part may also occur. For these extremely severe conditions, we have seals that are available with an anti-extrusion ring incorporated which completely eliminates the possibility of extrusion. (Figure 7)



Figure 7

Figure 8

One of the most frequent causes of damage to seals is deterioration due to wear of the metal parts in relative motions (scoring, erosion, etc.). These problems, basically caused by phenomena occurring in sliding metal components, are solved by incorporating the a guide system consisting of plastic rings which also act as an anti-extrusion device. (Figure 8)

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