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Material . General Properties . Common Applications .

70 Durometer Black
Good resistance to petroleum hydrocarbons and fuels.
Widely used with most oils, hydraulic fluids, alcohol.
Many compound variations for specific applications.
Basic temperature range:  -40 F to +250 F*
Petroleum oil seals
Hydraulic fluid seals
Water / Greases
Transmission fluid seals

Trade Names:
Chemigum (Goodyear) • Hycar (Zeon) • ChemicalKrynac (Polysar) • Ny Syn (Copolymer) • Paracril (Uniroyal) • Perbunan (Mobay)






FPM/Fluorocarbon Rubber
75 Durometer
. Color Color Excellent high temperature and chemical resistance.
Excellent mechanical and physical properties.
Low compression set and low gas permeability.
Basic temperature range:  -20 F to +400 F*
. Vacuum seals
Acids / Fuels
High heat
Chemicals / Solvents
Trade Names:
Fluorel (3M) • (DuPont Dow Elastomers)

70 Durometer
Broad temperature range.
Odorless / non-toxic.
Resistance to sun and ozone.  Fungus resistanct.
Poor tear and abrasion strength.  Poor resistance to oils.
Basic temperature range:  -80 F to +400 F*
Dry heat
Alcohol / Oxygen
Electrical / Medical
Low temperature
Trade Names:
Silastic (Dow) • None (General Electric) • None (Stauffer-Wacker) • None (Union Carbide)


(Ethylene Propylene)
70 Durometer Black
. Resistance to sunlight, weathering and ozone.
Poor resistance to petroleum oils and fuel.
Good heat and compression set resistance.
Basic temperature range:  -65 F to +250 F*
. Steam / Hot water
Hydraulic / Skydrol
Auto brake systems
Alcohol / Greases


70 Durometer Black
Good resistance to petroleum oils.
Low compression set and good tear and abrasion strength.
Good resistance to weathering, sunlight and ozone.
Basic temperature range:  -40 F to +225 F*
Refrigeration seals
Freon / Air conditioning
Motor mounts
Engine coolants
Trade Names:
Neoprene® (E.I. DuPont) • Bayprene (Mobay) • Butachlor (Ditsugil)


Fluorosilicone . Wide range of fluid and chemical resistance.
Large temperature range.
A mix of Fluorocarbon (FPM/Fluorocarbon Rubber) and Silicone.
Basic temperature range:  -80 F to +350 F*
. Color Aircraft fuel systems
Jet fuel / Gasoline
Petroleum oils
Synthetic jet oil
Trade Names:
LS (Dow) • FSE (GE)


Kalrez® High temperature and chemical resistance.
Low compression set.
Various compounds for specific applications.
Basic temperature range: compounds up to +600 F*
CDP# 4079 Chemicals
+600 F
CPD# 1050LF Steam
+550 F Water
Trade Names:
Kalrez® (E.I. DuPont)



. Excellent temperature range.
Various chemical and fuel resistance.
Low coefficient of friction.  Non-elastic.
Basic temperature range:  -250 F to +450 F*
. High / Low temperatures
Chemicals / Fuels
PTFE Encapsulation
PTFE coating
Trade Names:
PTFE ( DuPont Dow Elastomers)




Excellent resistance to petroleum products,
steam, phosphate esters, amines and brake
fluids. Broad range media resistance similar to EPDM and FPM/Fluorocarbon Rubber. Elastomeric form makes it low in gas permeability
Basic temperature range: -20 F to +400 F*
O-rings for various fluids seals.
Not readily available in other seal forms.
Petroleum fluids and steam, amines,
brake fluids or phosphate esters.

Trade Names:
Aflas® (3M)






. Highly resistant to oil swell, ozone, oxidation and abrasion.
Highly resilient and having a high tensile strength and
elongation properties. An excellent choice for hydraulic
seals using petroleum based oils.
Basic temperature range: -65 F to +200 F*


Hydraulic seals in oil, such as u-cups,
o-rings, wipers.
*Some Polyurethanes are now available
for water and water based fluids at
temperatures to 220 F*.
Petroleum based oils.



Highly Saturated

Excellent abrasion resistance, compression set, tensile
and tear properties. A step above standard Nitriles in that
it exhibits resistance to ozone, sunlight and other
atmospheric conditions. Vastly improved resistants to
heat aging.
Basic temprature range: -40 F to +300 F*
(Short periods up to +300 F*)
O-rings for various petroleum fluids.
Available in other forms for hydraulic seals
such as u-cups, vee packings, wipers and
back-up rings and special sealing rings.
Petrloeum fluids. Water. Silicone fluids.
Ehylene glycol. Amines.

Trade Names:
Therban (Mobay) • Zetpol (Zeon Chemical) • Tornac (Polysar)

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