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No special tools are required for installing V-shape packings in glands (packing cases).


1. Clean inside the gland well and apply grease or hydraulic oil lightly.
2. Apply grease or hydraulic oil on the packing face, securely insert packings one by one to avoid twisting or warping them.
3. When glands of V-shape packings for rod seals are as shown in Figure V-1, be careful not to scratch the top end of the lip by the threads and chamfered.
4. Use a protective cover on the thread as shown in Figure V-2 and make sure there is not “turnover” or “burrs” on the chamfered part, then insert the packing.



Figure V-1

Figure V-2

5. Tighten the “packing holder” just enough to fix the packing. Over tightening will increase friction and wear of the packing and shorten its life.
6. The cloth reinforced V-shape packing may be compressed by service pressure in use and shift in the gland to cause leakage. Apply additional tightening of the “packing holder”, then make adjustment. The amount of tightening must be within the limit given in Figure V-3. When using only rubber V-shape packing, do not apply additional tightening.

• When cloth reinforced rubber V-shape packing is used in combination with rubber V-shape packing,
do not count the number of V-shape packings.


Figure V-3





Figure V-4 Tilted V-Ring

Figure V-5 Correction of Tilted V-Ring

Figure V-6 Stuffing Packing Rings

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