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When dust seals with metal ring (DKB, DKBI, DWI, DKI, and DKH) are pressed in a fitting groove, use tools as shown in Figure D-S1. For installing rubber dust seals (DSI, LBI and LBH), no special tools are required and it is easily installed by hand.


Figure D-S1


1. With compressed air, remove all foreign matter such as dust and cutting residue inside the fitting groove.
2. Confirm there are no “turnovers” and “burrs” on the chamfered face.
3. Set the dust seal vertically against the fitting groove.
4. With a press, carefully push in the dust seal using installation tools so as not to deform the dust seal lip.
5. Make I.D. of the installation tool: ød larger by 0.5 mm than I.D. of holding plate of dust seal.

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