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Packing Types

Yarns or metallic strands are twisted around each other to obtain designed size. The simplest type of all. One packing size can be used for various size stuffing boxes. This is primarily a general utility or emergency type of packing where packing space is small. Mostly used for valve stem.
Each strand passes over and under strands running in the possible direction. Cross section is square. Comparatively soft. Soft, absorbent structure can carry high amount of lubricant. Especially suited for high speed rotary service, particularly at low pressure.
This type is fabricated to require size by braiding one or more covers around a center core of braided, twisted or homogeneous materials. Braided round, then calendered square. Soft and dense because of individual jacket-over-jacket construction. Can carry high amount of lubricant. Extensively employed for valve and rotary pump.
Diagonally braided for greater strength and longer life. Each strand passes elaborately and diagonally through the body of the packing at an angle of approximately 45°. Cross section is square. Hardly causes permeation leakage, and would not be damaged entirely even if the surface gets worn. This type structure can serve for every variety of machinery such as rotary pump, reciprocating pump, valve, etc.
Either duck and rubber or asbestos adn rubber are laminated into slab form and then fabricated into coils, spirals or rings.
Made from rubber coated fabric rolled either around itself or a special rubber core or strip.
Compounded with pure asbestos, special lubricants and binders, and graphite or mica. Some contain soft bearing metals. Particularly good for sealing gases. This style is available in coil, spiral, formed rings, and i bul-packaged cans.

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