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Pump and Valve Packing

Pump and valve packing is also commonly called compression packing, braided packing, mechanical packing, pump gland packing, valve stem packing or rope packing. This type of packing is a soft pliant and resilient material that is inserted into an annular space, gland or stuffing box to seal a rotary, reciprocating or static device such as a pump or valve.

Pump and valve packing comes in different types for different applications such as twisted packing which is used where packing space is small and is mostly used for valve stem. Square-Braided is especially suited for high speed rotary service particularly at low pressure. Braid-over-Braid can carry a high amount of lubricant for valve and rotary pump. Multi-Braid is diagonally braided for greater strength and longer life and can serve for a variety of machinery such as a rotary pump, reciprocating pump and valves.

Pump and valve packing comes in square cross section inch sizes, 1/8” to 1-1/2” and metric cross section 3.2mm to 38.1mm.

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