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V-Seal Installation

Fitting of the V-SEAL is very simple. The ring must be slightly stretched and pushed along the shaft. It can either be done manually or with a simple tool, in a way that the distance to the counterface can be maintained constant using little pressure.
V-SEAL not preloaded
V-SEAL fitted with preloading using a tool

The V-shape of V-SEAL provides an effective and reliable sealing even with oval section or eccentrically turing shafts. Sealing is not even affected by a slightly tilted counterface.


oval and/or eccentrically turning shaft
tilted counterface

The counterface finish is very important for an efficient sealing and for useful life of the seal. The surface must be smooth, free of scratches and sharp peaks, finish of Rt = 1 to 4 µm. Several materials can be used: soft metals, (light alloy, cast metal, etc.) only in well lubricated applications. For unlubricated applications the surface should be treated with a dry lubricant such as Molykote spray.



At peripheral speed up to 8 m/s the lip of the V-SEAL has a good pressure against the counterface and it has the function of a light contact seal. Over 8 m/s the seal must be supported axially and above 12 m/s radial retention is necessary, mounting the V-SEAL in an axial groove or applying an adequate support.


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