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Tefoam flange sealant adopts a new approach to sealing problems. It is made of 100% expanded PTFE utilizing our proprietary process to creat a highly fibrillated microstructure. This structure is composed of interwoven fibers running in all directions. Tefoam sheet gasketing may be used to create a soft and pliable, yet extremely tough gasket that has excellent resistance to creep relaxation and cold flow. It will seal uneven or damaged flanges. Tefoam sheet gasketing is resistant to common chemicals except for liquid or gaseous fluorine and molten alkali metals. It does not contain asbestos or other lung-intruding materials. It meets FDA requirements, does not corrode, and may be stored indefinitely until need.


Glass – Ceramic – Fiberglass Reinforced Plastictefoampic

….where low bolt pressures are required

Pressure Vessels
….Tefoam is unaffected by corrosive gases or chemicals and will withstand pressures up to 2000 psi.

Saturated Steam
….Unlike other materials, Tefoam gives years of reliable service where other materials fail.

….The self-adhesive film on Tefoam makes application easy.



• Pump or Compressor Houwing Flanges
• Heat Exchangers
• Hatch Covers – Chemical Tankers
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
• Manwaystefoampic2

• Flange Gaskets for Corrosive Applications
• Valve Flanges
• Chemical manufacturing
• Food and beverage processing
• Steel manufacturing
• Food equipment manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Petrochemical production
• Distilling
• Where conventional gaskets are not readily available or are unsuitable



1. Cut off a length of Tefoam from the convenient dispenser reel just a little longer than the true circumference of the seal.
2. Press into position. The self-adhesive film on Tefoam makes this easy, even on vertical or overhead surfaces. Difficult shapes, bends and uneven profiles can be accomodated by utilizing the outstanding properties of Tefoam.
3. Cross over the two ends with a short overlap.
4. Replace other half of sealing flange . . . tighten up.

One or two sizes will take care of most sealing requirements.





Nominal Size

Length of Spool

1/8″ (3mm)


3/16″ (5mm)


1/4″ (7mm)


3/8″ (10mm)


1/2″ (14mm)


5/8″ (17mm)


3/4″ (20mm)






High Compressibility
• Compresses into a uniform shape which offers minimum contact with operating media.

• High compressibility means only light flange bolt pressure is required to seal effectively –
….essential for plastic, glass, or ceramic vessels and pipes.

• Ideal for filling irregularities on selaing surfaces, increases reliability, increases service life
….of flanges, and inmany cases damaged faces can continue to give good service.

Unique PTFE
• Sealing surfaces part freely and need no scraping.

• Resistant to corrosive gases or chemicals – chemically inert.

• Not subject to aging – unlimited shelf life.

• Operates up to 500°F.

• Will not affect operating media.

• Non-toxic.

• Non-flammable.

• Operates up to 2000 psi.

Continuous lengths
on spools,
• Less waste.

• Easy to install, even on vertical or overhead surfaces. Difficult shapes, bends, and uneven
….profiles can be accomodated by utilizing the outstanding properties of Tefoam.

• Lower inventory requirements.