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EPM, Inc.
112 W Burke St.
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Phones and Fax Numbers

Call Free in the US: 800.659.5050
Local & International: 770.389.0501
Fax U.S: 888.353.7325
Fax Local & International: 770.389.0652

Need Seals In A Hurry?

  EPM has implemented our latest logistics and manufacturing schedule controls. . . but we CAN break into our production schedule for ANY emergency requirements.  There may be special fees involved for same-day or next-day pickups or shipments, so please feel free to send your corporate helicopter, jet, or company truck!  We see that all [...]

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The World’s Smallest O-ring

Here at EPM we can and have manufactured the world’s smallest o-ring with an inside diameter of .4mm and cross section of 1mm.  This o-ring was machined at EPM in Stockbridge, GA on one of our CNC lathes. This o-ring was produced out of our high-grade polyurethane. With years of experience in machining seals of all shapes and [...]

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Give One Of Our “Seals Fast” Services A Try

    Need those little round things . . . seals, gaskets, o-rings, or washers? Try one of our "seals fast" services!   Seals Fast RED is good for same day or next day delivery. BLUE or standard service is ideal for slightly less critical needs. And our traditional GREEN service is perfect for less [...]

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The Four Cornerstones of EPM

  EPM offers our customers what we like to refer to as "The Four Cornerstones". 1) Sizes:  We can produce seals from less than 1" up to 60"+ or metric sizes from less than 1mm up to 1500mm and anything in between.  The makes us very versatile. 2) Material:  We offer 9 standard materials, including [...]

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