//Meet Millie Batson – Office Manager

Meet Millie Batson – Office Manager

Millie Batson of EPMMy name is Millie Batson, and I like to think of myself as “The Seal Girl”, since my dad, Jerry Whitlock, was (and still is) known as “The Seal Man”.  I was born into the seal industry almost 36 years ago as my dad and mom were starting their first seal business in their basement.  I can remember being in Kindergarten and learning to count and then coming home and having to count o-rings to make kits…and to this day sometimes I still come into work and have to count o-rings or make seal kits!!  It’s in my blood!!  I have dreams about seals!!!   Although I was born into this industry, I didn’t always think this was my career path.  I graduated with honors from a small private school that I attended from kindergarten to 12th grade.  From there I enrolled in a local technical college and earned the title of Master Cosmetologist and took a job as a production assistant and makeup artist with a small media company.  While I loved working in and still love that industry it just wasn’t “home”, so I came on board full time with EPM about 15 years ago to sit under my dad and learn the ins-and-outs of the corporate world, marketing, and the seal industry from him.  Unfortunately I had less time to learn from him than any of us expected as he passed away suddenly just over 5 years ago.  But here I am, sitting in his office, behind his desk, and in his chair to carry on his legacy.

Dad used to call me “girl Friday”, which Webster defines as “a woman entrusted with a variety of jobs in an office”.  I don’t know that I ever really appreciated that title for how he meant it years ago but have come to know now exactly why he called me that…because the list of jobs I have been entrusted with grows daily! I am the logistics manager, coordinating freight all over the world.   I oversee the accounting department, mostly just coaching and teaching now, but stepping in as the credit manager when needed.  I dabble in marketing and advertising.  I work in the warehouse.  I am the receptionist when others are away from their desks .  I organize and arrange catering for weekly lunches and special events.  I make sure supplies are always stocked.  I am trained on military contracts.  I am that girl that is behind the scene in almost everything that goes on at EPM.  But most of all, I stand behind my mom as her #1 supporter in continuing this business without my dad.

I have been married to my best friend, Chris, for 10 years, and together we have a 4-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter.  Chris is a firefighter for the City of Atlanta, which keeps him away from us for 24 hours at a time…but he loves firefighting, and much like seals for me, his job is “in his blood”!  He was recently honored by the City of Atlanta with a Challenge Coin for his heroism in entering a burning house while off-duty and rescuing a woman.  He and his buddy were featured on all the local news channels.   He truly is our family’s everyday hero for the sacrifices he makes.  When we manage to have some time off all at the same time we enjoy traveling or going out of state on big game hunting adventures or traveling around the state fishing.  Yes, we are teaching our kids about wildlife conservation, so they are also growing up as junior hunters and fishers!   Maybe one day we will write a book about all of our adventures, but for now…we are making memories!!!!



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  1. Laura McGuire July 30, 2014 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    This is awesome Millie! It sounds like you’re just where God wants you to be. It’s such a blessing for you to be able to work in a family business so that you can work, but also be there for your kids anytime they need you. I know your mom is blessed to have you as her “girl Friday” and I KNOW that your dad would be so proud of the wife, mother, and businesswoman that you are. God bless you! Laura McGuire

  2. Derek Ward July 30, 2014 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    I remember your father referring to you as “Girl Friday” on many occasions. After the AAA Seal days he and I worked very closely together at Seal Jet and later with EPM. The first memory of him for me was his deep love for his family. He loved Rita, Priscilla and you very very much. Your father was the most innovative person that I have ever known. He simply knew how to make things work and had an immense intuition. In the early days I would become so excited listening to his new ideas. In the early 1990’s when the internet was in its infancy I remember he and I traveling the roads all over Georgia and listening to him explain to me that the internet would be the way of the future. I thought that it was just hopeful dreaming, but was I wrong. He was a marketing genius. I still have the early EPM brochures along with the diskettes (later known as floppy disks) and giving them to potential customers. We both would go into industrial facilities with EPM hard hats, name badges, and logo embroidered yellow polo shirts. I know that this may seem trivial now, but 20 years ago this made us three steps ahead of the competition. I remember telling him not to get me confused as being a GA Tech fan with the yellow polo shirt with black embroidery that I wore. I have always been a huge UGA fan. He was extremely resourceful as well and could always “make it happen”. Thank you so much for sharing this post with everyone. It brings back oh so many memories.


  3. Marcus and Terri Van Dorn August 12, 2014 at 11:35 pm - Reply

    Awesome story!!!!! We are very proud of you!!!

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