Sealing performance of a packing is determined by the method of assembling a cylinder. Please carefully check the following points.

1. Make sure to flush clean the internal face of the cylinder and the interior of the pipes.
2. Apply hydraulic oil ( the same oil used in the machine ) to the packing, gland, rod surface and internal face of the cylinder, then assemble the cylinder.
3. Put a protective cover over the lip of the packing so that is does not directly contact the thread and steps.


Figure D-A1

4. When the lip of the packing passes through hydraulic pressure port as in Figure D-A2, lightly push the lip with a spatula. This is to prevent damage to the lip of the package by the chamfer of the port. Chamfer as shown in Figure D-A3 when drilling a hole directly on the cylinder for a hydraulic port.


Figure D-A2


Figure D-A3