Highly Saturated Nitrile Rubber

Also referred to as:EPM Home of the seal  man HNBR Highly Saturated Nitrile Rubber
HNBR, Hydrogenated Nitrile,
Hydrogenated NBR, Hydrogenated Buna-N


Temperature limits:
-13 to 302°F
-25 to 150°C

Use in: Seal and gasket application requiring additional resistance to chemicals and slightly higher temperatures than can be handled with NBR. O-Rings, washers, rod and piston seals, back-up rings, gaskets.

Description: HNBR is achieved by hydrogenated NBR. Greatly improved wear and extrusion resistance over standard NBR. Good chemical compatibility and can be used with oils which have aggressive additives. Has an extended high temperature range.

Characteristics: Rubber-like elastomer. Dull finish.