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Is It Time To Schedule Plant Maintenance?

  If you're anticipating your plant's scheduled maintenance shutdown, then this is the time to also prepare for replacing worn seals that decrease the efficiency of your equipment.  Don't wait until seals fail to replace them.  We offer quick turn around times and work with YOUR schedule.  Order your seals from EPM now, and let [...]

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EPM Seals Help Save Lives

Imagine you are driving down the road, your cell phone slides into the floor board on the passenger side and you reach down to pick it up.  The next thing you know your car is upside down and you are pinned under the dashboard.  How do you get out? Emergency Rescue Equipment is something you [...]

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The Life Philosophy of Jerry D. Whitlock

One day last week I walked into my mom's office - For those of you that don't know, Rita Whitlock is my mom and Jerry was my dad - and I saw a sign hanging on her board that caught my attention.  The sign had been hanging there for years but I had never really seen [...]

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